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To Rod Kubat, building relationships and working with knowledgeable people is tantamount to personal growth.


Interest in a career that provides continual growth set Rod on the road to law school. “I’ve always viewed learning as a lifelong process, so I didn’t want my education to end when I left school,” he says. “Lawyers I’d met seemed inspired and satisfied with their jobs, and most important, they were always learning new things and meeting new people.”


In his business corporate law practice, Rod represents closely held or privately owned companies in a wide variety of industries and from start-up businesses to mature companies with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. He handles mergers and acquisitions, business formation, capital formation, contracts, corporate governance issues, and other regulatory issues.


Rod also represents lenders in all types of secured credit facilities, pulling together the package of documentation needed to complete large and sophisticated structured finance transactions, as well as commercial loans.


In addition, he has more than 20 years of experience representing clients in all aspects of bankruptcy and creditors rights issues, including complex commercial business reorganizations, agricultural insolvencies, small business cases, and mortgage foreclosures.


“I have a unique combination of skills because I not only understand the business side, but because I’ve tried so many cases, I also understand the litigation side,” Rod says.


Rod is well-known in Iowa’s legal community and has been active for nearly 40 years in professional and community organizations. He is especially passionate about supporting and serving pro bono as legal counsel for Meals from the Heartland. “We are all so richly blessed,” Rod says, “and I believe we have a human and spiritual obligation to help those less fortunate.”



Contact info:

  • 515-283-3197



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Rod Kubat - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Business Law - Iowa

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