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Sophie Alcorn's mission is to transcend borders, expand opportunity, and connect the world by practicing compassionate, visionary, and expert immigration law in service of the betterment of humanity.  She wants everybody to have the chance to do well, and the chance to live their dreams.


That’s one of the main reasons why she founded Alcorn Immigration Law from her kitchen (as the mom of toddlers!). Her dad, who was an immigration lawyer, instilled in her to be a person of honesty and integrity and to always be a creative solution seeker.


Every challenge is an opportunity. If a law cannot be overcome, let’s change the law! Recently She's been honored to draft immigration legislation for Members of Congress that she hopes will soon become law and shape the field of immigration permanently, creating new opportunities for people around the world.


How did she get hooked on immigration? At the tender age of 15 years, during her first summer job at her dad’s law office, she helped free a Cuban man from indefinite detention in immigration jail. She wrote a legal brief that summer that her dad argued in federal court. They succeeded and their client was freed after years of never knowing if he would see the light of day again. For her, there was no going back.


She;s also drawn to immigration because she's always loved meeting people from around the world, learning new languages, traveling, and cultural immersion experiences.  Her mom is an immigrant from Germany, and growing up in Southern California, she spent years living and studying in Germany, Italy, Russia and Spain.


She's proud that thousands of people have thanked her for supporting them to successfully navigate our U.S. immigration system. To continue her mission to help people find their strength and live their dreams, she hosts the podcast Immigration Law for Tech Startups and author the TechCrunch weekly immigration advice column “Dear Sophie.” On a weekly basis she talks about the latest information on immigration to empower motivated professionals to take charge of their immigration path.  She also founded the nonprofit, the Community for Global Innovation, to support international students in the U.S. to obtain subsidized high-quality legal advice and access to employment opportunities.


As an expert on U.S. immigration, she's been quoted in publications around the globe such as The New York Times, Financial Times, NBC News, TechCrunch and The Atlantic. She's also been invited to speak about immigration at numerous global conferences, including TechCrunch Disrupt, the Bar Association of San Francisco, Stanford University, and more.


As a Board Certified as a Specialist in United States Immigration and Nationality Law by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization, she is one of only a handful of immigration attorneys in Silicon Valley with this designation.  Her dad was also a Certified Specialist, and she's proud to have volunteered to support the State Bar of California to write the examination for the certification of new immigration law specialists.



Contact Info:

+1 (855) 809-4850



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Sophie Alcorn - America's Top 50 Immigration Lawyer - California

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