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Spence Flatgard has over twenty years of experience in public finance, public law, and government affairs, serving the State of Mississippi at all levels of government and his clients in private practice. He drafted Mississippi’s medical marijuana constitutional initiative which was approved by 74% of voters, the largest vote for a constitutional amendment in state history.  The Mississippi Legislature is drafting legislation to enact a program based upon that initiative, and for his efforts he is recognized as Mississippi’s only lawyer included in the Global Top 200 Cannabis Lawyers (2021-22).


He was appointed State Bond Attorney by Governors Phil Bryant and Haley Barbour to act as the State of Mississippi's attorney in all public finance transactions, issuing opinions for the State in over 2,500 bond matters over the past 14 years.  Spence also has the benefit of practical experience in election and zoning law, serving as counsel for his county's election commission and as chairman of his city's zoning board.


He regularly advises Mississippi business, medical, and political leaders in establishing and running political action committees and tax-exempt organizations to achieve their objectives. 

Spence handled Senator Roger Wicker's legislative agenda as his first Legislative Director and Appropriations Committee staff member, gaining the insight and experience to help Mississippi's companies and non-profit organizations in Washington.



Contact info:

T: 601.965.1888



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Spence Flatgard - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Cannabis Law - Mississippi

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