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Terrence G Quinn, Esq. is an estate planning attorney in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the founder and president of The TGQ Law Firm. The firm provides clients with the main focus of legal assistance in estate planning, probate law, and elder law.


Mr. Quinn graduated from the University of Michigan Law School in 2002 and spent the next six years practicing in the Trusts and Estates Practice Group for a major Michigan firm.


In 2008, he founded his firm, the Law Office of Terrence G Quinn, PLC, now called The TGQ Law Firm. With his signature diligence and grit, Terrence assists Michigan clients with legal assistance to help them find comfort in what lies ahead.


When Terrence was growing up, he dreamed of playing football for the University of Michigan. He knew a dream of that size would only be realized after significant work. Terrence achieved his dream when he became a starter for the 1997 University of Michigan national championship football team. 

He is remembered for his tackles, but mostly for his strength of character. Those who know him use the word “grit” to describe his unwavering resolve to do whatever it takes to win.


As his firm’s president, Terrence ensures that every attorney on his team is trained to provide excellent representation in estate planning, probate law, and elder law. In addition to practicing in probate and estate planning, he serves as a consultant for business formation and planning as well as church succession planning for churches in Michigan and around the nation.


Since 2015, the National Black Lawyers have consistently named Terrence among the Top 100 Black Attorneys in Michigan. He was also named among their Top 40 Under 40.


Terrence also serves as a contributor, speaker, and faculty member for the Institute of Continuing Legal Education’s (ICLE) Probate and Estate Planning Institute and ICLE’s Elder Law Institute. In addition, he serves on the executive board of ICLE’s executive committee. Terrence has also served on the State Bar’s character and fitness committee.


Born and raised in Flint, MI, Terrence grew up going to church. His passion for ministry led him to serve as his pastor’s armor-bearer for more than a decade. He went on to become an ordained pastor, shepherding individuals along their life’s path. Today, he brings the same hard work and commitment he needed to succeed as a pastor to his career as an estate planning attorney. 


He offers “simple planning for difficult times” to individuals and organizations, including Michigan churches. To help communities continue the advancement of the Kingdom, he guides church leaders through succession plans to ensure a smooth transition when the current pastor retires or passes on. 

Terrence lives in Canton with his wife Adrienne and their two children, Titus and Jaida. Whether it is being a father, pastor, or attorney, he carries on his passion for shepherding people through tough times and helping them prepare for the future.



Contact info:

(734) 224-3384



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Terrence G Quinn - America's Top 50 Lawyers - Estate Planning - Michigan

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