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I am devoted to individuals and businesses facing problems with foreclosures, debt issues, and civil litigation. Fortunately, everyday I come to work with clear goals, those being to develop ways to assist my clients in bettering their future prospects and stabilizing their current situation. My past experiences in the City of Newark have afforded me a unique perspective on the plight of fellow citizens stemming from social and legal influences. As the Correspondence Secretary for the City of Newark, it was my responsibility to liaise between citizens, government officials (local, state and federal), and local institutions (non-profit organizations, universities, local businesses, etc.). These conversations and communications exposed me to the unique circumstances and messaging required to achieve the goals of the City Government while advocating for positive change in the communities by leveraging my relationships with government and community leaders. 


My work with Federal Senator Cory A. Booker lead me to a non-profit that was supported and cherished in the Mayor’s office. The organization, Volunteer Lawyers for Justice, provided exposure to various clients from underserved communities that allowed me to “cut my teeth” with challenging factual circumstances. It was always my passion to work for non-profit organizations as I’ve always been drawn to their unique and selfless missions. I am most thankful to VLJ for teaching me the empathy required to deal with the most difficult situations with grace. 


And to put my experiences into a well shaped and professional application, I am extremely grateful for the late Hon. Sherry Hutchins-Henderson, Judge of the Superior Court. My clerkship in her chambers in the Essex Vicinage was one of the best professional experiences of my career (and it is for many attorneys who chose clerkships prior to the practice of law). Writing opinions, researching case law, observing side/bar and in chambers conversations, handling the jury, managing Sheriff Officers assigned to the Court, and getting to know and work with Court staff have all, undeniably contributed to my success as an attorney and litigator. 



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Veer P. Patel - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Foreclosures - New Jersey

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