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The founding member of Assalone & Associates, Veronica Assalone is responsible for creating Rhode Island's largest all-female family law firm. Drawn to family law by a passion for helping others, Veronica zealously fights for her client's rights, empowering them and ensuring their voice is heard in and out of the courtroom. She is responsible for pioneering the vision of Assalone & Associates, compassionately and ethically representing a diverse class of clients from pro bono and reduced-fee cases to multi-million estates.


Veronica prioritizes communications, informing clients of their options throughout legal disputes and providing them with honest, empathetic support. She understands just how daunting it can be to confront a family law case. Employing a team approach, Veronica and the legal professionals at Assalone & Associates help clients find the best path forward in legal disputes by analyzing every case through a diverse array of legal perspectives.


Veronica currently focuses her practice on family law, criminal defense, and appellate law. Well-versed in business management and development, strategic planning, cost control and analysis, and team-building and leadership, she helps other legal professionals at Assalone & Associates recognize their full potential while working with clients in a wide range of practice areas.


An approachable, available lawyer, Veronica leverages her legal acumen and trial experience to ensure her clients work towards the ideal outcome for their cases in and out of court.


When she's not helping overseeing matters at Assalone & Associates or helping clients, Veronica enjoys spending time with her daughter and family. 



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Veronica Assalone - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Family Law - Rhode Island

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