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Many attorneys, while knowledgeable in the legal field, understandably lack actual day-to-day and executive business experience. Consequently, corporate officers and directors may often be presented with a dilemma: whether to accept an attorney's conservative legal advice, or simply proceed with established (albeit risky) executive business practices. Under such circumstances, it is helpful for an attorney to possess and combine both legal and business experience to obtain a balance, and thus propose reasonable real-world business solutions that provide a calculated level of legal protection to clients. Zachary is both an Attorney and a former Corporate Executive, having served as the President and General Counsel of a U.S.-based company with international operations, and his success as an Attorney is attributed to combining his legal and executive business experience together with his experience as a Mediator.

Zachary is a respected Commercial Attorney where he practices both International Complex Commercial/Business Litigation and International Corporate Law/Business Transactions, which is a notable benefit to clients because experience in one area provides a valuable benefit to the other.

As a Complex Commercial Litigation Attorney, Zachary represented a corporate plaintiff in a $25 million Civil RICO case against a Fortune 250 Company on a contingency fee basis, and secured a favorable confidential settlement for his client.

As a Corporate Law/Business Transactions Attorney, Zachary has counseled businesses in all stages of growth, and has negotiated and drafted countless contracts and agreements for corporate clients in various industries.

The largest transaction Zachary handled exceeded $1.2 Billion.

Zachary is also a respected Mediator, in part because he is able to draw upon and incorporate both his legal and executive business experience.

Finally, Zachary is also a licensed Real Estate Broker where he represents his clients regarding their commercial and residential needs.




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Zachary A. Emmanouil - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Business Law - Florida

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